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Building a Successful Security Operations Center Part 3: SOC Budget Calculator

Sometime back I published an article “What it Really Takes to Stand up a SOC”. This included a MindMap showing everything you need to consider while making a decision about establishing an internal Security Operations Center. Take a look at the PDF Download link for this MindMap. Since then, many people have asked questions about estimating budget for standing up an internal SOC. Read more

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Security Operations Center (SOC) Team Development

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Building a SOC is on every organization’s TODO list these days, at least since the Target breach if not before. Following are few unique characteristics about the SOC that I have observed from my experience of building a SOC in last three years.

The SOC team has an interactive role within the team as well as with the broader IT organization. As a team, you are always being tested. You are tested by your internal users, as well as by your adversaries (outside hackers) on a continuous basis. Read more

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Want to be a CISO? Career Advice from David Garcia

Image Credit - Pexels

Image Credit – Pexels

Like any other field, many people in the field of information security are asking for career advice. Recently we had conversation with David Garcia, specializing in executive recruiting in the field of information security. He typically works with CISOs and VPs of Sales to fulfill their staffing needs. David’s firm, Garcia and Associates, made placements in thirteen states and two countries over the past year. David shared his insights into what it means to be a security leader, skill sets that are in demand, and how to make progress your career. Following is the Question/Answer session with David. Read more