Three Minutes Overview of IoT Messaging Protocol for CISOs

Although traditional methods of communications like RESTful APIs can be used for IOT communications, MQTT and CoAP are the two major IoT protocols for exchanging messages in IoT networks. This is a quick overview of both of these protocols. Read more

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Want to be a CISO? Career Advice from David Garcia

Image Credit - Pexels

Image Credit – Pexels

Like any other field, many people in the field of information security are asking for career advice. Recently we had conversation with David Garcia, specializing in executive recruiting in the field of information security. He typically works with CISOs and VPs of Sales to fulfill their staffing needs. David’s firm, Garcia and Associates, made placements in thirteen states and two countries over the past year. David shared his insights into what it means to be a security leader, skill sets that are in demand, and how to make progress your career. Following is the Question/Answer session with David. Read more